Programmes & Projects

Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number five called for drastic improvements in maternal healthcare. Tanzania saw some improvements over the past fifteen years, but there is still much left to do. Now, Dr. Chirangi, Shirati Hospital's Director, is starting to combat problems in maternal healthcare head on. He is beginning to pursue his PhD focused on maternal healthcare while still working at the hospital to actively carry out these improvements. Dr. Chirangi's work will help to keep

In 2012 Tanzania's Ministry of Health and Social Welfare wrote the National eHealth Strategy to encourage the use of technology in hospitals throughout the country, but most of the advancements only came to urban centers of healthcare. Now Shirati is working with Luke Maillie, an undergraduate from the University of Notre Dame, to try and increase the use of technology at Shirati Hospital. This technology ranges from

Members of the Susquehanna Hospice team work every day to alleviate the suffering and help with the many needs of their terminally ill patients and their families every day. Treatment of pain, shortness of breath, nausea, confusion, depression and other physical symptoms, as well as helping with emotional,

Touro University Medical Students- Continuing an annual tradition that transpired from a partnership between Touro and Shirati, 15 medical students visited the hospital for three weeks in June. The students had an opportunity to shadow doctors on their rounds, and also undertook several projects of their own. These included surveying the hospital staff to find out what opportunities for continuing medical education should be made available, hosting a clinic to test for and treat Schistosomiasis, and conducting

A lot of infrastructure work has been completed at Shirati Hospital since 2009 by CACHA volunteers. A range of activities such as installing solar lights, painting the entire hospital, upgrading electrical and computer systems