Our Sevices

Our Services

The hospital is one of only two hospitals in the Tarime District. Shirati Hospital has 150 beds which at times are shared by more than one patient. The majority of the local population has no health insurances and due to the extreme poverty of the area have little money for health care services. Shirati Hospital provides many medical services below the actual cost of the service. Many patient bills are written off as uncollectible.

Shirati Hospital provides a wide range of outpatient and inpatient services.

Outpatient Services

• HIV Clinic
• Pharmacy
• Laboratory
• X-ray
• Ante Natal Care and Family Planning
• Ultrasound 


Inpatient Services 

• Surgery
• Pediatrics ward
• Maternity ward
• Female ward
• Male ward
• Laundry
• Infusion Unit
• Blood transfusion
• Pediatrics                          


The hospital also operates four remote clinics to further serve the needs of the region’s population. These clinics are located at Nyarero, Nyangoto, Burere and Nyamasanda.

This Health Center is headed by a Clinical Officer who is assisted by a Nurse Officer In charge. The center has 30 beds and is able to provide many of the services which are available at Shirati Hospital. However the Health Center does not perform any surgical procedure.

Burere & Nyamasanda

These two centers are our smallest Health Centers with 10 beds each. Each center is headed by a clinical officer and provides only out-patient services.