Shirati Hospital Departments

Pediatric Ward

In charge: Belinda Okech

Provide services for children under five years and above five years up to 12 yrs.

The Department has 45 beds.

Special services.

High Dependency Unit, Lishe Bora Program, Private Rooms.

Maternity Ward

In charge: Doris Nyongesa Ward

Provide services for antenatal, intrapartum and post-natal women

Special services; .Premature unit (Kangaroo care), Ultrasound services, Birth Companion.

Observation Room.

The Department has 40 beds

Female Ward

In charge: Jen Makori

Provide services for all Medical and Surgical care for the woman

The Department has 34 beds

Special services;

Private Rooms, Surgical Unit.

Male Ward

In charge: Elivina Ntangeki

Provide Medical and Surgical services for male patients

The Department has 34 beds

Special services;

Private Rooms/Grade B, 

Inenstive Care Unit (ICU)

Incharge Hellen Mabala

Special Services; Ventilator services, Nebulizers services, Private room.

Operating Department

Incharge ; Nyanjiga Bujege

Preforming all the planned surgeries (Emergency and Elective)

Offered at 2 Major rooms, 1 Minor room, Nursing station /sterilization station, changing room, sterile room, Recovery room and Tea room .Urology unit   

Special Services;

Regular Visiting specialization (Outreach program)   such as ENT, OBYN, Urology, Orthopedic, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Reconstructive surgery,

SLCC (Shirati Leprosy Control Centre)

Administrator : Akinyi Joel

The Shirati Leprosy Control Center runs rehabilitation Centre with clinic occupied with 5 beds for emergency and 8 rooms at Leprosy Control Centre Hostel.

 A new Old Folks Social center which provides a permanent shelter for individuals who, due to stigma and/or old age, cannot be accepted back to their family communities. The centre acts as a referral center for Mara region.

Prosthesis Workshop

In charge: Ibrahim Mazara

A prosthesis workshop is also a part of the Shirati Leprosy Control Center and provides prostheses to center patients as well as other hospital patients in need of this service. Further, it makes special Shirati sandals and crutches for the patients and disabled. The wood section provides carpentry services for the whole hospital. Leprosy prosthesis patients are received from the entire Lake Zone.

Care and Treatment Centre for HIV/AIDS (CTC)

In charge:Virginia Njuguna

The HIV Clinic, also know as the CTC, treats both pediatric and adult cases of HIV from Shirati’s catchment area.

Current more than 3,000 clients are attending at Shirati KMT Hospital CTC  as well as about 300 children (under 18 yrs) have enrolled to the  CALWHA project at Shirati KMT Hospital -CTC

Current, AMREF through ‘AFYA KAMILIFU’ Project lead the Program/Project with collaboration with Government (Free services for clients).

METIS (Student Organization at university–Lausanne in the Switzerland) support the programe of CALWHA for Aerial and Adolescent Children with HIV/AIDS through Transportation and Meal during monthly clinical appointments.  

Special Services:

More services are offered at CTC such as HIV Early Infant Diagnosis, Prevention Mother Transmission of HIV (PMTCT), Isoniazid Preventive therapy (IPT) , Viral Load Vs CD4 Count Testing ,  HIV Testing Services (HTS)  / PITC